Spin Off Università degli Studi "G. d'Annunzio" Chieti-Pescara

Who we are

Our organization was founded as a spin-off of the University "G. d 'Annunzio "University of Chieti-Pescara in order to support scientific research and technological innovation, promote the spread and the positive impact on industrial production and social well-being, promote entrepreneurship in the academic world.

Our team is composed of researchers, entrepreneurs and professionals united by the desire to improve the quality and availability of services and build platforms that encourage dialogue between citizens, institutions and businesses.

Universita di Chieti


Promote the culture of innovation and smart city, by simplifying the life of citizens and making them players in a smart society.


Our Aims

A city can be called smart when traditional and modern infrastructure ensure sustainable economic development and a high quality of life, a wise management of natural resources, through the commitment and action of participatory citizen, producing a model of urban and social security.

  • Create a local network consisting of public and private institutions, enabling citizens to access easily services e and improve quality of life by consulting and sharing constantly available information.
  • Implement systems of mobile connection in urban areas.
  • Facilitate knowledge and the use of new communication channels to support interaction and socialization of citizens in their own territory.
  • Disseminate the use of smart technology and culture to improve quality of life of citizens.

Our Services

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Info tile QR Code

The QR code (in English stands for Quick Response Code) is a twodimensional barcode, made of black modules arranged in a scheme, usually square in shape. It is used to store information, generally intended to be read with an internet connection using devices such as smartphones and tablets. QR Codes are rapidly spreading around the world prompted by spread of smartphones.

Our company has developed a system Info Tile, which consists of a "tile QR Code" (horizontal signs positioned on the road surface) in which is inserted the QR code of the organization of reference, made with material that provides resistance to all the climatic conditions, thermal and drive-over.

Our service, through the placement of info Tile on the road surface and not, is the junction point between the real world (roads, streets and in general the city) and the virtual world (data on a server) and allows to represent content, disclose information, activate functions, services and interactions.

Positioning an Info Tile on a street or in a square allows citizens to communicate and get information at any time, in a direct and updated way.

The resulting advantages relate to the ease of interaction and the opportunity to transform the citizen into an active part of the city through the obtainment of information, data sharing, economic transactions, ease of communication with the institutions and businesses, constantly, without time constraints, without using a computer, without the queues at the counters and without having to visit a location physically.

Easy Town Easy School Easy Business
foto esempio applicazione smart town citta-smart
Food in City

Services related to QR Code system

  • Web services related to the QR code.
  • Responsive design sites and apps for mobile devices (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile).
  • Design of Web applications in HTML 5 that can be used by all the systems.
    Apps can be designed with GPS and geolocation systems; sharing photographs and images; online payment (PayPal, credit card).
  • Web Advertising (creation of banner ads).
  • Sviluppo Social Network, Applicazioni per Social Network, Gestione e promozione pagine Fan.
  • Comunicazione Web & gestione Web Reputation (aziendale e personale), Indicizzazione Sito Web.
  • Formation: innovation and communication.

Whom we address

  • Public administration, public and private entities that have a strong relationship with the community and working in the public and society such as municipalities, regions, health facilities and transport, public enterprises, etc ..
  • Institutions, museums, places of worship, clubs, hotels, shopping centers, commercial companies, tourism, services, construction, manufacturing and all entities that may get benefits in terms of innovation, connectivity, identity and quality through the development of projects according to the smart city approach.

Location and contacts

Operating Office:

University "G. D'Annunzio" of Chieti-Pescara

Via dei Vestini, 31 – 66013 Chieti Scalo - Italy

Tel. + 39 0871 3556544

Registered office:

Via Zaccaria, 7 - 64100 Teramo - Italy

Tel. +39 0861.248584

Partita IVA 01914110679

Prof. Gianmarco Cifaldi
Mobile +39 348.6688196
E-mail: cifaldi@smartsociety.it

Dr.ssa Luigia Altieri
Mobile +39 3913286753
E-mail: luigia.altieri@unich.it

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